Safety Tips When Renting A Dumpster

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If you need to rent a roll off dumpster to be used at home because of a remodeling project, move, or clean-up, you will soon be enjoying the convenience of being able to dispose of unwanted material easily by simply walking into your yard to throw the items inside. There are however, a few guidelines to be aware of when renting a dumpster in order to keep you and your family safe while it is in use.


When you have your roll off dumpster delivered, make sure it is set in a spot on flat ground where there is no risk of slippage. Keep it in an area where there are no trees or power lines hanging over it and make sure you will be able to see around it when pulling your vehicle in or out of your driveway.

Make sure the dumpster is not placed partway on a neighbor’s property or you will be responsible for anything they may put inside. Keep the dumpster set on your property so it is not in an area where curious neighborhood children could get inside easily. If you have your own children, make sure to inform them that the dumpster is off-limits.


When you rent your dumpster, the rental company will give you a list of items that are not allowed to be placed in a dumpster. These items will consist of chemicals, paint, acidic substances, flammable material, tires, and batteries as well as additional items the roll off company specifies. Make sure to adhere to the list and keep these materials out of the dumpster as they are harmful to others. When throwing things in your dumpster, do not smoke cigarettes anywhere nearby. Always wear gloves when throwing things in a dumpster and clean up any spills around the dumpster immediately.


Your dumpster rental company will let you know how much you can place inside your dumpster, but a good rule is not to place anything above the top edge, as it could spill out when the dumpster is being transported back to the waste company. If you are throwing away heavy items, such as concrete slabs or large pieces of furniture, do not fill the dumpster up with the material any higher than three-quarters of the space inside. Try your best to evenly distribute the weight of the items you are throwing into the dumpster, as well. Contact Tri-State Disposal for more information.

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