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Finding Computer Component Salvaging Points

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If you’re getting rid of a severely obsolete computer or even shifting from a slightly aged system, you need to be aware of the parts that can be salvaged. From the chassis to the inner workings of every component, there are a few unique metals and other materials that can be scrapped for other purposes. Take a look at a few key areas to figure out what to keep and what to discard.  Case And Connectors Computer cases for older computers are commonly made out of aluminum or steel. Some heavy duty cases use steel in order to resist damage and to protect from caustic materials in environments such as processing plants or research laboratories. Newer computers utilize plastic molds or acrylic plates for their cases, but there may still be a lot of underlying metal framework. In order to support components such as hard drives and optical disk drives, metal trays with folded material may be used. These heavy deposits may be worth quite a bit when turned in for specific scrap metal measurements. As there are certain scrapping yards or recycling facilities that offer higher prices for certain materials, make sure to ask the recycling professional before handing over the material. You may want to bundle certain materials together, or take a certain material to a different facility. Hard Drive Salvaging Hard drives have a bit of metal on the outer enclosure, but what you should be interested in are the materials inside. Hard drives have rare earth magnets, which can fetch quite a hefty price in their specific markets. The demand can change by season, so it’s worth knowing the magnet weight and amount before going through the effort of removing the magnet. If you have multiple hard drives, the magnet salvaging may be worthwhile no matter the current worth. Try to establish a removal process and avoid turning in all of the magnets unless there is a specifically high demand. Hard drive platters are confusing for many people, and may lead to unnecessary work for little to no payoff. Hard drives platters are heavy and may resemble metal plates, but are actually made out of a glass-like material or ceramic. There are aluminum platters available, but are usually found in computers made in the 1990s or older. Unless you already have a quick process for opening and inspecting certain hard drive brands, avoid spending too much time on platters. For assistance with finding the right salvage point for computers and computer parts, contact a scrap metal...

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Improve Your Parking Lot to Improve Your Business

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A well-maintained parking lot is a necessity for any business that wants to maximize the number of customers that come through the door. It is not enough to have a paved space for people to put their cars, you have to have a safe, clean and easy to understand parking lot if you want customers to consider your store a desirable destination. Make It Easy On Them If you are not sure where to start with whipping your parking lot into shape, here are a few simple ideas. It only takes a little elbow grease and some attention to detail to make your parking lot – and therefore your store – much more appealing. Safety One of the primary concerns most customers have in parking lots is safety. A safe environment, for both their cars and their bodies, is essential. You can increase parking lot safety in several ways, including: Lighting – Make sure the parking lot is well-lit. Replace any broken or missing bulbs, and install additional lighting as needed to make sure all people using the parking lot can see clearly. Fix irregular surfaces – Asphalt and concrete will wear out over time. Fill in any potholes, even out any jagged or hazardous surfaces, and aim for a generally flat, predictable parking lot. Improve visibility – Safe navigation of a parking lot requires visibility. Trim shrubs and remove any major obstacles that prevent drivers from seeing where they are going. Cleanliness The cleanliness of your store, and even your parking lot, by companies like Supervac Of Lincoln, reflects on the quality of the goods or services you are providing. Keeping your parking lot clean can improve your image and make your store more attractive. Try to clean up trash and debris daily, and hire a parking lot cleaner periodically to give it a thorough going over. Clear Directions The signage and demarcations in your parking lot need to be clear and easy to understand. If the parking spaces are too crowded, too difficult to get to, or if the lines are hard to see, you should have a professional painter touch it up – or even start over from scratch. Make sure that the signs that are posted are easy to read, and that they make sense to your customers. Watch the lot occasionally to see how people use it. If drivers are making the same mistake over and over, it is a good indication that the instructions need to be re-written....

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Keeping Your Home Asbestos Free

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Asbestos is a fairly common problem that most homeowners are aware of; however, they don’t particularly have a wealth of information concerning it. This fact is especially true when it comes to exactly what areas of the home this toxic substance can be a problem. While most people are aware of common areas for asbestos development, such as insulation materials, they aren’t as familiar with the various different places this dangerous substance can be found. Getting more familiar with these details can help protect your family and your home. Less Commonly Known Locations 1. Artificial embers and ashes – Both of these objects are commonly used in gas-powered fireplaces to give the look of a traditional, wood-burning fireplace. Generally, these objects pose no risk. However, when these materials have either been cut, drilled or sawed, they are at risk for exposing asbestos. It’s important to handle these objects with care and avoid touching them directly with your hands. 2. Soundproofing material – More and more homeowners are designing their homes with movie or media rooms. An intricate part of their design is soundproofing. If you have these materials in your home, make certain you are inspected it occasionally. If the soundproofing material on your walls or ceilings is starting to loosen or crumble, this is cause for concern and you should consider having the area inspected. 3. Door gaskets – Door gaskets on appliances play an important part in ensuring your appliance operates correctly by keeping toxins from flowing into your home. Overtime, these gaskets can begin to wear. If your gasket is installed on a coal or wood stove this is especially true. When the gasket becomes worn, each time you operate the door you could be releasing harmful fibers into the air. Make certain you are replacing damaged gaskets promptly. Taking Action If you suspect that your home has a problem with asbestos, it’s important that you take action. While it’s not necessary that you panic, you need to at least have your home examined to have the severity of the case inspected. Generally, material that is still in good condition will not release any asbestos fibers into the air. However, material that is aged or in poor condition can release these fibers into the air, putting you at risk of inhalation. Contact with this toxic substance has the potential to produce a number of life-threatening effects, including lung cancer. Don’t touch the suspected material and call a professional removal company. When it comes to asbestos in your home, you serve as your first line of defense. Make certain that you keep removal by a company like Alm Abatements a priority to ensure your safety and...

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Choosing And Caring For Your Motorcycle Battery

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When you choose a battery for your motorcycle or ATV, you need to make sure that the battery will be able to handle the demands placed on it. You pretty much only need your battery to start your vehicle, because once the vehicle is running, the alternator will take over and generate electricity for lights, spark plugs, etc. Still, it is crucial for your battery to work and charge properly. Choosing the right battery for your vehicle will help, but a battery will not work like it should without proper maintenance.  Choosing a Battery with the Right Amount of Power The power of a battery is measured in cold cranking amps, which is a measure of how much power your battery can generate when you first start your vehicle. As your vehicle gets older, the electrical components will wear out. As you starter wears, it can require more power to turn over your engine when you first start it. If you buy the recommended battery for your vehicle, it might not provide all of the power you need. Thus, if you are buying a battery for an older vehicle, you should buy a battery that provides a little more power than what is recommended.  Caring for a Battery If your battery does not provide enough power, you do not necessarily need a new battery. Instead, you might just need to service your battery. To determine if your battery needs to be replaced, you need to check the caps on your battery. Many batteries on the market use an acid to generate electricity. This acid can spill out of the battery if you have a rough ride. When the acid spills out, your battery loses power. By lifting the caps on your battery, you can determine if the acid level is low, and if it is, you can refill the acid to get more life from your battery. Refilling the acid will be much cheaper than trying to buy a new battery.  A battery is a critical component of a vehicle. If your battery fails, it can leave you stranded. If you are out for a ride on a rough, isolated trail, getting stranded can be a real problem. Thus, you should check your battery before you head out on a trail ride, and replace or repair it as needed. A solid choice of battery will ensure that your vehicle runs like it should.  A site like batterysharks.com can give you more information about finding the right kind of battery for your...

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Battling Bed Bugs? Here’s How To Keep Them From Biting You At Night

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Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, even by a professional exterminator. That’s because they are resistant to a lot of pesticides on the market. Plus, they are so adept at hiding in the walls and other tight places, such as computers and alarm clocks, that fogs and sprays don’t even reach them. If you live in an apartment building or dorm, it’s even harder to control bed bugs since they can travel from room to room. It’s likely you’ll be battling bed bugs for quite some time until they can be exterminated. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from bites. Clean Your Space Don’t make it easy for hundreds of bed bugs to hide out in your room. Clear out all the clutter and keep your bedroom as tidy as possible. The majority of bugs will probably stay within a few feet of your sleeping space, since you are their source of food. Therefore, you want to concentrate your control efforts on the room where you sleep. Remember, cleaning alone won’t get rid of them since the bugs can squeeze behind wallpaper and into electrical outlets. You’ll need to take other measures too. Safeguard Your Bed The main thing you need to do is prep your bed, so the bugs can’t bite you at night. That will at least spare you from being covered in itchy bites every morning. You bed should be elevated. If your mattress, futon, or box springs is flat on the floor, that gives the bugs a huge surface area to climb on to get you. If that’s the case with you, buy a bed frame, so the only way the bugs can get to you is to climb up the legs. If you already have a bed frame, use the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to suck all the bugs out of the frame and seams of your mattress. Be sure to vacuum all sides, bottom, and insides of the frame. Next, cover your mattress with a bed bug proof cover. These are woven tightly so any bugs remaining in your mattress will be trapped. They won’t be able to bite you even if you sit on top of them. Build A Trap Since you know the bugs will be coming up the bed legs for you each night, you should devise a way to keep them off. You can try things such as wrapping the legs in double-sided tape or covering them in petroleum jelly. You can even build a trap that keeps them from climbing up the legs and helps you get a good idea of the number of bed bugs you’re dealing with. You can build a trap by sitting the legs of your bed into plastic food containers. Cover the outside of a container with masking tape so the surface is rough enough that the bugs can can climb up the plastic. The edges of the container should be a few inches from the bed legs, so the bugs have to climb down into the container rather than jump on the leg. Now place a smaller plastic container within the larger one. This one will have slick sides so the bugs can’t climb up it. The legs of your bed fit inside the small...

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The Top Ways To Reduce Your Garbage

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Do you have too much garbage to dispose of? Your best option is to reduce the amount of garbage that you create in the first place. By cutting down on the number of containers that you throw away, you will pollute less. Make Your Own Food Making your own food can help reduce how much garbage you create. When you make purchases from at a grocery store, for example, you will usually have packaging that you must dispose of. However, if you make more food from home, you’ll produce less garbage overall. Also, pay close attention to what food products you end up using. If there is something that you are frequently throwing away, try to purchase a smaller quantity of it or stop buying it altogether. Buy Products with Reusable Containers Buy things that come in containers that you can reuse. If you buy something that is stored in a jar, you can reuse the jar for other purposes rather than throwing it out. If you are interested in crafting, think about the ways that you can reuse a tin that held cookies or some other container. Purchase in Bulk Buy in bulk as much as possible. Rather than purchasing butter that comes in individual containers, purchase the largest container of butter available. This will reduce the number of containers that you will need to dispose of. Let Everyone Know You Have Too Much Do you often throw away gifts that you do not have any room for? While a figurine might be well-meaning, you may throw it away, which can increase the amount of waste you produce. Emphasize to friends and family members that you do not have enough space for more things. Borrow as Often as Possible Try to borrow things as often as possible. For example, consider lending a snowblower to neighbors and ask if they can lend hedge clippers in the spring. If you have more free space, you will not be as pressured to throw things away that you might later need. Compost Organic Matter Compost organic material and green food products so that you can use them to improve the quality of your soil. Composting involves allowing organic matter to decompose so it can then be turned into mulch. Then, rather than having the organic waste go into a landfill, it will allow you to reduce how much fertilizer you need to purchase. Cut Down On Your Cleaners Purchase all-purpose household cleaners instead of purchasing several types of cleaners. This means that you will have fewer bottles to discard. Also, if you make your cleaner yourself using vinegar or baking soda, you might be able to further reduce how many garbage containers you use. In many cases, you don’t need a cleaner at all, but only need...

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